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Beneficios de la bolsa de polietileno PE para embalaje


Although many packaging solutions are available today, polyethylene material is the most popular. Petroleum polymers are used to make the corrosion-resistant material polyethylene or PE. The lower cost of pe bags and the short cycle time for efficient production make it particularly popular. We’ll examine a few benefits of employing polyethylene packing now. Polyethylene is…

¿Cuáles son las consideraciones al transportar cebollas?


Nowadays, onions are a common condiment and can be eaten raw or cooked with other foods. Onions are typically used mainly for flavoring and preparing dishes and salads. They are also processed into onion powder, fried onion rings, pickled pearls, or cocktail onions. China is now the largest exporter of onions in the world. They…

¿Qué es una caja de cartón corrugado? Todo lo que necesitas saber

caja de cartón

Corrugated boxes use widely types for transportation packaging nowadays. But corrugated boxes are not the same as the cardboard boxes we usually talk about. What exactly is different, and why do you want to use corrugated boxes? Friend, then please read on to learn more about corrugated boxes. Cardboard boxes do make of thick paper…

Cómo prevenir el envejecimiento de las bolsas de malla de PP


PP mesh bags are also widely used in our daily production and life. With the improvement of people’s living standards, pp mesh net bags customers also put forward higher requirements on the appearance quality of mesh bags. The surface gloss of pp mesh net bags is an important factor in measuring the appearance quality of…

Los mejores proveedores de bolsas de cebolla

bolsa de malla de cebolla

If you’re seeking a dependable onion bags suppliers, look no further. Fullway can transport onion bags to farms, product repackers, farm stands, and anybody else in need of bags, boxes, closing materials, or packaging equipment. There’s no better way to store onions than in mesh onion bags. Mesh bags promote air circulation, which is essential…

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