Common Printing Process for Mesh Bag Label

Good mesh bag packaging can extend the shelf life of products under ambient conditions. At the same time, the mesh bag can reduce the damage of fruits and vegetables during transportation. Shandong Fuwei Company has more than 10 years of experience in mesh bag production and export. We can customize all kinds of mesh bags according to customer requirements. Labeling is one such customization service. Labels are as crucial to a company’s overall image as it is to an advertisement. Labels not only protect products, but also reflect the original intention of a business to be a good brand. The printing process of mesh bag packaging is even more important.
The printing of mesh bag labels is generally printed on various plastic films. It is then combined with a barrier layer and a heat seal layer to form a composite film. Printing is an important process in the production of mesh bags. To measure the grade of a mesh bag with a label, it depends on the printing quality. Therefore, understanding and controlling the printing process and quality has become the key to the production of mesh bags.
There are three printing processes commonly used in printing mesh bag labels.

1. Gravure printing

The printing of mesh bag labels is mainly based on the gravure printing process. Labels printed with gravure have the advantages of high printing quality, thick ink layer, bright colors, clear and crisp patterns, rich picture layers, moderate contrast, lifelike image, and strong three-dimensional effect. Gravure printing requires that the registration error of each color pattern is not greater than 0.3mm. The indicators such as product same-color density deviation and same-batch same-color deviation meet the requirements of GB7707-87. At the same time, the printing plate of gravure printing has strong printing resistance, which is suitable for products with many orders. However, gravure printing also has disadvantages that cannot be ignored, such as complex pre-press plate-making process, high cost, long cycle, and large pollution.

2. Flexographic printing

Flexographic printing primarily utilizes fast-drying letterpress inks. The equipment is simple and the cost is low. The flexographic plate has short plate changing time and high work efficiency, and is suitable for printing small batches of mesh bag products. However, flexographic printing has higher requirements for inks and plates. Therefore, the printing quality is slightly inferior to the gravure process.

3. Screen printing

During printing, through the extrusion of the scraper, the ink is transferred to the substrate through the mesh of the graphic part. Form the same picture and text as the original. Screen printing products have rich ink layers, bright colors, full colors, strong covering power, wide selection of ink varieties, strong adaptability, low pressure during printing, easy operation, simple plate-making process, and low equipment investment, so the cost is low , Good economic benefits, wide variety of printing materials.
In some cases, especially when it is necessary to print clear pictures, good printing effects cannot be obtained by simple drying. In order to prevent the ink from falling off due to solvent contamination, we also cover the mesh bag label with a film. After years of experimentation, Fuwei Company selects the most suitable ink and utilizes the chemical reaction performance of the ink to the greatest extent to ensure the printing quality of the mesh bag label.

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