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Onion mesh bags wholesale size
56x85cm / 52x80cm / 55x87cm (custom) (If you have size requirements, you can customize it. If you want to wholesale onion bags in bulk, onion bags can be individually customised in terms of size, colour, shape etc.)
Detailed parameters for onion bags wholesale

1. Minimum order quantity and price

The minimum order quantity for ordering ordinary onion bags is 100,000 When the order quantity is 100000-200000, the price of the onion bag is 15$ When the order quantity is more than 200,000, you can call us to negotiate. If you want to customize the onion bag: Customized logo (minimum order quantity: 200,000 pieces) Customized packaging (minimum order quantity: 200,000 pieces) Graphic customization (minimum order quantity: 200,000 pieces)

2. Custom

Fullway's accepts customized onion bags in bulk. This includes polypropylene mesh bags that can be custom sized or adjust the density of the holes in the mesh vegetable bags to suit your needs. Most importantly, we can customize polypropylene mesh bags with onion bag colors. We have professionally printed Onion sack in four colors for you to choose from. Fullway's has a professional mesh net bags design team. Can print Your corporate logo on mesh net bags to showcase your brand image and increase brand awareness. Polypropylene mesh bags are available in 50g/65g weights, and you can also customize thicker or slimmer onion bags in bulk. And Fullway's onion bags are made from eco-friendly materials, making them safer and more environmentally friendly to use. Onion bags are also available at high and low prices, so you can choose wisely according to your situation. (If you need mesh bags wholesale, you can also call the staff and ask for them). The supply capacity of mesh bags wholesale: 100,000 pieces/day. Fullway has its polypropylene mesh bags production factory. He has hundreds of workers and machines to produce large quantities of onion mesh bags quickly every day. If you need a large amount of mesh net bags in a short period, fullway can meet your needs.
Onion bags wholesale material

The primary materials of green onion mesh net bags are Polypropylene and polyethylene. Chemical composition.

PP is a non-toxic, odorless, and tasteless milky white highly crystalline polymer. Its density is 0.90--"0.91g/cm3. It is one of the lightest varieties of all plastics at present. It is particularly stable to water, so it has a good waterproof effect. The surface of the packaging bag is made of it. It has good gloss and uses it widely in general daily necessities products. PE is a thermoplastic resin made by polymerization of ethylene. PE is odorless and non-toxic. It feels like a candle when touched by a hand. It has excellent resistance to Low-temperature performance, good chemical stability, resistance to most acid and alkali corrosion. So it is widely used in commodity packaging.

Chemical properties.

PP has high crystallinity and stable structure, so it has excellent mechanical properties. Temperature and loading rate has a significant influence on the toughness of PP. PP's anti-bending performance is fantastic, and the products made with it can be bent hundreds of times at room temperature without being damaged. But at room temperature and low temperature, due to its high molecular structure regularity, the impact strength is lacking. Therefore, the finished products of PP are not suitable for storage at low temperatures. However, PP has a good heat resistance and can sterilize the products at a temperature above 100°C. And PP does not deform at 150°C under the condition of no external force. But its embrittlement temperature is -35℃, which means that PP will become embrittlement when it is lower than -35℃, so the cold resistance of PP is not as good as PE.

The chemical stability of Polypropylene is excellent.

In addition to its poor resistance to acidification, concentrated sulfuric acid, and concentrated nitric acid, it has relatively stable reactions with other chemical reagents. Simultaneously, its chemical stability will increase with crystallinity, so Polypropylene is suitable for making various chemical pipes and onion bags bulk. Polyethene is a thermoplastic with the most significant output and a wide range of uses among plastics. It is polymerized by ethylene and can process by general thermoplastic molding methods. Polyethylene can divide into three categories: high-density polyethylene, low-density polyethylene, and linear low-density polyethylene. PE has excellent chemical stability. It is not affected by various chemical substances such as hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, potassium hydroxide, etc., at room temperature. But these chemicals do not include nitric acid and sulfuric acid because these two chemicals have a robust damaging effect on PE. Polyethylene is prone to degradation under ultraviolet rays' action, so onion bags bulk cannot expose to the sun for a long time.
Uses of PE and PP

Polyethylene is low in price and easy to mold, so it has a wide range of applications.

It is widely used in commodity packaging; high-density polyethylene is mainly used for packaging films and bottles and other commodities; the primary use of low-density polyethylene is packaging film and agricultural film; linear low-density polyethylene use especially for Films, pipes, wires, and cables. Can directly send the scraps, defective products, and other waste materials generated in the production to the extruder for crushing and compression. Its recycling process is relatively simple. But if the waste plastic comes from the chemical industry, electrical industry, food and consumer goods industry, etc. Then these discarded packages have been contaminated and can no longer be recycled. Also, many harmful substances will appear in the recycling process, which is not environmentally friendly.

Compared with polyethylene and polypropylene, polypropylene is more environmentally friendly.

PE can be recycled and will release no harmful substances during the recycling process. The decomposition rate of PE is also faster, which only takes 20 to 30 years, while the decomposition of PP and some other plastics takes more than 500 years. In recent years, extreme weather has been persistent both in my country and in the world. Air pollution is also severe. Many people have already realized the problem of environmental protection. Therefore, whether in daily life or industrial production, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly materials are required. Polypropylene is a new material that is green, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly. The emergence and use of polypropylene have been around for a long time, and its production technology has also been optimized to a large extent. It has now been successfully applied to the production of onion bags. Compared with ordinary plastics, polypropylene has two significant advantages: First, its hardness is much larger than that of plastics, and its corrosion resistance and exposure ability are relatively strong, and it is not accessible to age. Another advantage is that polypropylene does not contain any toxins and has no odor. It is a non-toxic and harmless material to the human body. Therefore, polypropylene is a new material that is green, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly.
Comparison of the polypropylene mesh bags and paper box
With the successful development of companies and the fierce competition between them, customers demand more from polypropylene mesh bags. Nowadays, the wholesale production of mesh bags has undergone various screening and processing, and the process is gradually becoming better. Today's polypropylene mesh bags are more durable and environmentally friendly. Fullway To help customers enhance their brand image, they can negotiate wholesale mesh bags with customized onion sacks. Can use The unique onion sack packaging design to gain better publicity for the buyer's brand. Following the fierce competition in the market, mesh bags manufacturers are also facing unprecedented challenges. As a result, mesh bags manufacturer has changed the packaging of onion sack, improving it in terms of materials, design, and processing. Why not opt for corrugated boxes in the everyday packaging and transport of fruit and vegetables. In one way or another, both onion sacks and corrugated cardboard boxes can accommodate vegetables and fruit. They can be used as outer packaging for vegetables and fruit.

So why choose an mesh net bag?

Polypropylene mesh bags are better for saving space for vegetables and fruit. Polypropylene mesh bags are also better for protecting the products being transported. Although corrugated cartons can prevent vegetables and fruits from being kneaded and impacted, the cartons are poorly sealed, which is not conducive to preserving vegetables and fruits. At the same time, corrugated cartons have poor tensile properties and cannot be pulled vigorously, which causes inconvenience to daily transport. The raw material for cartons is wood. Making corrugated cartons requires cutting down a large number of trees. Once corrugated cartons are damaged, it means that they can no longer use them. This makes recycling impossible and is not conducive to environmental protection. Mesh net bags avoid these problems. Onion sack now uses new environmentally friendly materials. So you don't have to worry about polluting the environment when you use them. In addition, the onion bag is very stretchable. In general, polypropylene mesh bags are very difficult to break. So you won't have to worry about it being damaged in the course of use. But corrugated cardboard boxes are not waterproof and can become soft and injured in the rain. Also, the fruit and vegetables in the carton are sealed, which accelerates their decay. Onion sack avoids this problem very well. Even more favorably, in the event of rainy weather, polypropylene mesh bags are breathable mesh bags, and the damp conditions increase the freshness of the vegetables. And onion mesh bags are cheaper than corrugated boxes. This is also an important advantage of polypropylene mesh bags.
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