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Garlic Mesh Bags Wholesale

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Fullway industry transfer
We are a mighty factory. Completamente has its garlic production base, which has been growing garlic for 100 years, and its planting area is about 500,000 mu. The garlic produced by Completamente is white skin, moderately spicy and nutritious, and it is a Chinese Grade A green food. As the saying goes, "World garlic depends on China, and Chinese garlic depends on fullway." It has become a well-known brand in garlic. Later, the industry of fullway continued to shift and began to produce garlic bags. The slender mesh net bag made can be used to hold onions or garlic. Can stretch them according to the amount of garlic you put in, so you can stack the garlic individually or open it to put more garlic. Because fullway itself produces and exports garlic, he knows what kind of packaging bag is most suitable for garlic in packaging and transporting garlic. In their decades of export experience, they continue to improve the original garlic mesh bags. Now, fullway is not only a well-known garlic exporter but also an exporter of garlic net bags. At present, the garlic mesh bag production equipment in the fullway factory is fully equipped, and it is a garlic mesh bag manufacturer with excellent technical level and production scale. Completamente's garlic mesh bag production plant is located next to the garlic production base. Completamente has a solid technical force and advanced production technology. It has sophisticated equipment and a strict and sound quality assurance system.
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Size: 56x85cm / 52x80cm / 55x87cm (custom) Weight: 42g/50g(custom) MOQ:100000 Pieces eight capacity: 30KG Color: CMYK(Customized) Printing: Silkscreen / Silver / Gold stamping; Heat Transfer (CMYK) At the same time, fullway has its factory. If your order quantity is less than 200,000, then it can be completed within 15 days. If it is more than 200,000, you can call to discuss. If there are special requirements for time, we can expedite production for you. Completamente's polypropylene mesh bags accept customization. According to your needs, you can customize mesh net bags of different sizes. You can also adjust the mesh density of the polypropylene mesh bags according to your needs. Onion sacks are generally white and light yellow. If you have other color requirements, we can customize them. The garlic bag's weight is 42g/50g, and you can also customize thicker or ultra-thin garlic bags. The price of ordinary garlic bags is lower than that of customized garlic bags, and you can also choose reasonably according to your situation.
The advantages of polypropylene mesh bags
The garlic in the supermarket is sold in packaging bags. Each bag is a slender and long columnar fine mesh net bag, and there are four or five heads of garlic in the garlic mesh net bag. When you want to buy garlic, just looking at it is not enough. Generally, we will feel the freshness of garlic with our hands. The polypropylene mesh bags solves this problem very well, and the surface of the garlic mesh bag meshes. When we buy garlic, we can see the quality of garlic. And we can also touch the freshness of garlic through the mesh. So this is the reason why mesh vegetable bags are becoming more and more popular. First of all, the slim long cylindrical polypropylene mesh bags itself is beautiful, and the attractive appearance will arouse people's buying ideas. At the same time, it is very convenient for us to hold the bag directly with garlic. Secondly, through the acceptable net bag gap, you can intuitively see the garlic's quality inside. You can also pinch each head of garlic in the bag with your hands to ensure that each garlic is fresh!
Reuse polypropylene mesh bags, reducing packaging materials.
The company replaced the original canned food with this new packaging bag. Mesh net bags are used to pack garlic, reducing packaging materials. The price of packaging materials for iron cans in the past is high, and the packaging cost is also high. Compared with iron cans, this new packaging bag has fewer packaging materials. It saves 80% of the material consumption. And the iron cans collide, squeeze, and easily deform during transportation. The garlic mesh bag is light in weight, saving space, and the mesh bag is ventilated to facilitate garlic's transportation and storage. In the production process of polypropylene mesh bags, the cost of packaging materials is reduced, and the company's profits are increased, which improves the economic benefits of buyers. Garlic packed in a net bag is kept fresh in the refrigerator or stored in a storage box. It does not take up much space. After eating garlic, the polypropylene mesh bags can also put small fruit toys, etc. This increases the utilization rate of the mesh net bag. Can recycle polypropylene mesh bags to reduce waste and achieve the purpose of protecting the environment. Reusable mesh vegetable bags for packaging garlic are popular among consumers. According to consumers' psychology, the use of this new plastic packaging bag significantly improves consumer satisfaction.
Eco-friendly polypropylene mesh bags
Completamente's mesh bags are all made of PP. PP is a material that degrades fast, and no harmful substances are produced during the degradation process. The use of this material is more environmentally friendly. Environmentally friendly plastics are degradable plastics that are harmless to the human body. Biodegradable plastics can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water by microorganisms in the atmosphere within a few months and will not bring a lot of waste from more traditional plastics. Therefore, the World Environmental Protection Organization vigorously Recommends us to use it. The material of ordinary polypropylene mesh bags are PE. Compared with PP, there is no significant difference in performance between PE and PP. However, the recycling of discarded mesh net bag is very different from environmentally friendly polypropylene mesh bags. The decomposition process of ordinary mesh bags releases substances harmful to the human body. And it will take hundreds of years to decompose completely. It not only pollutes the environment but also endangers human health. The sealing bag mouth adopts the design of drawstring, which is conducive to the taking of food. When taking out the garlic food, you only need to untie the drawstring, and it can be reused, which improves the reuse rate of plastic bags and reduces pollution. Enterprises use this kind of reusable plastic packaging bag to pack garlic, which is convenient for consumers to carry, can be reused to play an environmental role, and is also conducive to the enterprise's sustainable development.