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What is a carton box.

Carton box is now the most widely used packaging product. Different materials are divided into many types, such as corrugated boxes and single-layer cardboard boxes. It also has various specifications and models. The commonly used thickness of the carton box is three, five, and seven layers, and its layers can be divided into lining paper, corrugated paper, core paper, and face paper. The color and feel of various documents are different. Carton box boxes are usually used as product wrappers or items to protect the outer layer of use. There are many sizes of carton boxes, which can be very small or very large. Generally, there are patterns or text prompts on the transportation carton box to remind users to pay attention to protect the contents from damage.

What is a carton box made?

The carton box's raw material is pulp and can use many materials to make pulp, such as straw, wood, waste paper, wheat, orange straw, etc. These materials are beaten into pulp and made into form, and then pasted into a cardboard box to complete the whole process. Pulp, the raw material for papermaking, contains plants, minerals, or artificial fibers. After the moisture is removed, it will form various carton boxes for transportation on the market after processing.

Benefits of pulp boxes

Six advantages of carton box

  1. Carton box packaging is convenient for mechanized production and packing and sealing pipeline operations, high production efficiency, and easy to achieve packaging standardization;
  2. Lightweight, it easy to load and unload, to avoid or reduce being thrown during the process of loading and unloading, thus reducing the damage rate;
  3. Environmental protection: The carton box has the advantages of hygiene and tastelessness. The carton box can be completely airtight, so it will not pollute the contents. The carton box also meets the storage conditions of breathing goods. Energy-saving, environmentally friendly, recyclable: The carton box can be directly recycled and does not pollute the environment. The carton box is recognized as an environmentally friendly packaging product all over the world.
  4. Low price and economic saving: The production of carton boxes is rich in raw materials, widely sourced, easy to mass-produce, and low production cost. The same packaging box, the wooden box made directly from wood, is compared with the carton box made of wood paper, the material of the carton box is only 1/of the wooden box. Therefore, it saves energy and costs, and the carton box is light, about 15% of the wooden box, which can reduce packaging and transportation costs.
  5. Good protection performance: Compared with other materials' packaging containers, the carton box has a more substantial cushioning and shock absorption performance. The carton box is compact and seamless and can be shaded and dustproof. Due to the adoption of many new technologies and the development of new varieties, the carton box is in terms of strength, stiffness, and moisture resistance. It is comparable to wooden crates.
  6. Flexible production: The carton box can be cut, folded, easy to stick, easy to nail, suitable for mechanized processing and automated production, and can also be produced on a small scale, non-mechanized, or even manually.
To briefly summarize its advantages, it is environmentally friendly, recyclable, light in weight, foldable, and low in transportation costs. Special boxes can achieve anti-static, moisture-proof, insurance, and other needs, beautifully printed with business logos, and low cost. This is the advantage of a carton box. If you have to ask me about the carton box's shortcomings, I think its most significant drawback is that it is not waterproof. However, this problem has been solved by the fullway carton box. You can add Fullway carton box with a waterproof coating. Even if the carton box is exposed to water for a short time, it will not affect the carton box's goods.

Recycling of carton boxes

At present, carton boxes are used as packaging waste and are treated in two ways:-One is directly used as industrial waste and disposed of by incineration and landfill; the other is to recycle it, re-pulp, and make paper or mold it. Compared with the first method, recycling can reduce the pressure of industrial waste treatment, reduce environmental pollution, and at the same time reduce the demand for raw materials such as wood, save natural resources, and reduce the progress of forest destruction; the second method reduces industrial waste Garbage can also reduce the demand for generated raw materials, but in the process of re-production, it will inevitably cause re-pollution to the environment, especially water pollution, and recycling does not have this problem. For major businesses, recycling reduces the waste of raw materials, reduces the energy demand, saves workforce and material resources, and reduces environmental governance pressure. The economic effect of the enterprise is specific to the packaging manufacturer. The recycling of corrugated boxes reduces the packaging cost of the product and enhances its market competitiveness. As an essential part of modern logistics and transportation, carton box is responsible for the critical responsibilities of packaging, maintaining goods, and beauty. The physical performance indicators of the packaging carton box become the basis for its quality evaluation. The stable working environment conditions ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test data. The raw material of the carton box is pulp, which can recycle to save costs. Can make Carton box boxes into various styles, including large ones for large electrical appliances and small jewelry boxes. We can see the shadow of cardboard boxes everywhere in our daily lives. Many shopping malls, including clothing stores, also use paper packaging, suitable for environmental protection. Now the drinking straws are also made of paper, which is convenient for recycling. The compressive strength of the carton box is divided into the practical value and the final value. When the force value and the deformation amount are added to a certain level, the force value stops, and the deformation amount increases. After some time, the force value continues to grow until the carton box's collapse point. Therefore, the appropriate quality should be selected when using a carton box. Do not forcibly put too much weight because this may cause damage to the carton box.

What is the difference between a carton box and a corrugated box?

To be precise, the corrugated box is a kind of carton box. Carton boxes are mainly divided into corrugated carton boxes and honeycomb carton boxes. Honeycomb boxes are mainly used for heavy packaging. For the professional packaging material industry, what is the difference between carton boxes and corrugated boxes? Although these two materials look similar, both have their advantages to ensure that your goods are damaged to a minimum during transportation and improve packaging efficiency. Although the materials used for corrugated boxes are similar to cardboard boxes, we must also understand their differences. Next, I will briefly introduce the difference between cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes. When choosing the suitable packaging materials to transport your products, it is essential to understand the type of packaging. If you don't understand their respective characteristics enough, you may not reflect your brand or guarantee that the goods will not be damaged during transportation. Carton box usually refers to a thick pulp or heavy pulp. This type of material is generally used for carton boxes or greeting cards. The corrugated box comprises three layers of paper: the inner and outer layers of writing and the pit paper's middle layer. Companies that have to send several packages every day must have the proper transportation materials to ensure the product's safety and reach the destination in perfect condition. To improve security and enhance your brand, you can seal carton boxes with water-activated tape (WAT). WAT is mainly made of kraft paper tape. Unlike plastic paper tape, it forms a permanent bond with the carton box, and it will leave marks after being torn off. Water-activated paper tapes are usually reinforced with multi-layer polyethylene steel threads with different widths and thicknesses. Once the packaging tape adhesive is wetted with water, the glue will penetrate the carton box material and form a permanent bond with the carton box. WAT has some benefits that other carton box sealing solutions cannot provide. This kind of tape helps seal large carton boxes, seal carton boxes of different sizes, withstand extreme environments, and print labels directly from the transport tape dispenser to the paper packaging tape.

How to choose a carton box box

There are many carton box manufacturers, so how do we choose the most suitable manufacturer? I think the following two points can be considered when selecting. Know what type of products your products belong to. For fragile or heavier ones, choose thicker and harder carton boxes. For general products, choose ordinary carton boxes. The weight of Fullway's carton box is 5kg/10kg, which can be customized. If the standard size does not have what you want, you can call him for customization.
  1. When we buy a carton box, we must fully understand its production materials. Some merchants' prices seem to be very cheap, but the pulp used is of poor quality. These kinds of carton boxes are often damaged during transportation. Fullway's carton boxes are all made of high-quality raw materials. The mode of transportation is by sea. The surface of his carton box can also be coated with a waterproof layer, and if you need it, you can call to customize it.
Fullway was established decades ago and has been engaged in the production of carton boxes and net bags. It has its independent factory and design team. Can quickly mass-produce carton boxes. Fullway's carton boxes have the following advantages 1.High strength. Selected elastic corrugated quality is better than other carton boxes 2.Point line face 90° straight edge flat and smooth without burr. Many types of carton boxes to meet customer needs 3.Folding Local, Introduce CNC cutting machine Genre cutting technology. The stitching fits beautifully. It has advanced production equipment and production lines, ensure product quality and output.

Fullway's carton box details

Quantity (Pieces) 3000-10000 >10000 Times (Days) 7-15 Negotiate Customized: Customized Logo (Min. Order: 3000 Pieces) Customized Size (Min. Order: 3000 Pieces) Customized Shape (Min. Order: 3000 Pieces) Delivery Time:7 – 15 days after payment MOQ: 3000 Pieces Supply ability:5000 Piece / Pieces per Day
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