Firewood Mesh Bags Wholesale

Detailed parameters of firewood net bag
Fullway's firewood mesh bags are available in many sizes. The most common size is: 50cm*80cm~55cm*87cm~143cm*190cm~180cm*200cm. If you have other custom sizes, you can call us to discuss. The material of the firewood net bag is all environmentally friendly PP. PP will not produce harmful substances during use, which protects the environment. Nowadays, people's awareness of environmental protection has increased. This is one of the advantages of firewood net bags when you are selling firewood net bags. The normal color of firewood net bags is yellow. If you have special requirements, you can customize other colors. Its price is also meager. The price of each net bag of firewood is 1.25USD. If your order is more than 200,000 pieces, you can also negotiate the price of firewood net bags with us by calling. Because our price is meager, the minimum quantity is 2000 pcs.
The characteristics of firewood mesh bag
The most significant advantage of Fullway's firewood mesh bag is UV protection. The firewood mesh bag is generally placed outdoors. If there is no sun protection function, long-term exposure to the sun will reduce the bag's service life. Fullway's firewood mesh bag has sunscreen added, so even long-term exposure to the sun will not have much effect. The mesh bag's craft is a plain weave mesh bag, all of which is flat silk. The characteristic of flat wire is that it can bear heavyweight. Firewood mesh bags need to take more weight than ordinary mesh bags, so the mesh bags' flat wire design solves this problem well. Fullway accepts OEM and ODM in two ways. You can choose. More importantly, in addition to the color and size of the firewood mesh bag can be customized, can also select its weight. If most of your customers don't use mesh bags often, you can also add drawstrings to the mesh bags to make them convenient for storage. If installing the drawstring in autumn can prevent fallen leaves from falling into the net bag, the net bag with the drawstring is more hygienic and convenient. If your company has its logo, we can also customize any position where the net bag is loaded.
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