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What are potato mesh bags made of?

Potato bags are generally divided into three types: string bags, mesh bags, or mesh bags. Mesh bags are made of PP synthetic material with a mesh structure. The thread bag is woven with cotton and linen thread. They are all reusable shopping bags and product packaging. All three kinds of bags have meshes, good air permeability, and are very suitable for storing potatoes.
Why do mesh bags used to store potatoes need to be ventilated?
The best storage temperature for potatoes is around 5°C. Potatoes will sprout or rot if the weather is too high, and potatoes are frostbitten and cannot be eaten when the temperature is too low. Therefore, you should put the potatoes in an air-permeable bag as much as possible, and remember not to put them in an airtight plastic bag because potatoes are straightforward to rot in an airtight environment. You can set the potatoes together in a ventilated mesh bag and place them in a backlit and ventilated place at home to keep the temperature and dryness. Simultaneously, it is impossible to pile many potatoes together, as a small number of potatoes is good for the breathing of potatoes.
Therefore, should store potatoes and vegetables in a mesh bag.

Are potato mesh bags biodegradable?

Biodegradable packaging bags are a sign of human scientific progress. Not only does it allow us to have a more specific environmental protection concept, but it also helps us to do an excellent job in safety and environmental protection in actual operations and contribute to the improvement of our living environment! Degradable plastic packaging bags are made of PLA, PHAs, PBA, PBS, and other polymer materials, commonly known as environmental protection bags. This plastic bag meets the environmental protection standards of GB/T21661-2008. Polylactic acid is a kind of polylactic acid that can completely decompose into low-molecular compounds such as water and carbon dioxide under microorganisms' action. This also means that it will not release harmful substances to the human body during the decomposition process, and it is more environmentally friendly.
Fullway's potato mesh bag is made of those mentioned above environmentally friendly materials. Fullway's mesh bags are convenient for storage and transportation and can be used for a long time as long as the environment is dry. And the bag does not need to be protected from light; even if it is exposed to the sun, it will not be too damaged. Fullway potato net bag has a wide range of applications. Generally speaking, we can use fullway's potato net bag to store various vegetables and fruits in our lives. It can also play a specific role in drying, conducive to the storage of vegetables and fruits. This is the hallmark of modern biotechnology.

The benefits of biodegradable mesh bags

Degradable plastic bags can generally be decomposed within a year, while non-degradable plastic bags can take hundreds of years to degrade. This shows that the non-degradable mesh bag has a significant impact on our environment. Generally, non-degradable mesh bags pollute the environment. They are very common in the daily transportation of vegetables and fruits. However, they are also a serious hazard to the environment due to a large amount of use and difficulty in decomposition. The fullway brand always pays attention to environmental issues and later produced biodegradable mesh bags. The former non-degradable waste net bags will occupy a large amount of land with garbage, but the occupied land will not be restored for a long time, which will affect the sustainable use of the land.
Moreover, ordinary mesh bags use petroleum as raw material, which consumes many resources and cannot be decomposed. If buried underground, they will pollute the land and rivers. Also, ordinary mesh bags themselves release harmful gases, which is not suitable for our health. Now, these troubles are easily solved.

Detailed parameters of the potato net bag

Order Fulfillment Time:100000-200000(pieces)    15(day)

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MOQ:100000 Pieces

Customized logo (Min. Order: 200000 Pieces)
Customized packaging (Min. Order: 200000 Pieces)
Graphic customization (Min. Order: 200000Pieces)

Product Description         

Both ODM and OEM are supported in product design and manufacturing. The general size of the potato net bag is: 56x85cm / 52x80cm / 55x87cm. If you have special requirements, fullway has a professional design team, and Tudou mesh bags also support customization. Fullway has its professional production factory, which can produce 100,000 potato net bags every day. The quality of the net bag is guaranteed, and the price is low. Simultaneously, you can customize the color of the net bag, and you can customize the color you like according to your needs and preferences. In addition to potatoes, Fullway's potato net bags can also contain onions, ginger, apples, etc.

The durability of potato mesh bags.

Presumably, this is a problem that many people are concerned about. What is the quality of the degradable mesh bag? As a new type of biodegradable material, how durable is it? First of all, the texture of fullway's potato mesh bag is very thick with the hand's touch, and the quality is better than ordinary mesh bags. Simultaneously, it uses advanced printing technology, and all potato net bags do not have any irritating smell. The translucent potato mesh bag can see the quality of the potatoes inside. Its load-bearing capacity is also great, and it can withstand 30KG potatoes. Also, the net bag is solid, and it is not a problem for the transportation and packaging of fruits and vegetables. The load-bearing capacity of Fullway potato net bags is twice that of ordinary net bags. The friction between the mesh bags during transportation will not have a significant impact.

fullway potato mesh bag is cheap

The price of fullway potato net bag is very low. Next, I will compare the net bag prices of the top ten net bag manufacturers for you.





MasterNet Ltd




Commercial Bag & Supply Co


LBU, Inc


Sunrise Polynet


Laraty Packing & Crafts Co., Ltd




Lloyd Bag Company




According to the above data, it can see that the net bag of fullway is lower than other manufacturers in the industry from the highest to the lowest. If you want to choose a high-quality and inexpensive potato net bag, the net load of fullway is a perfect choice. At present, some manufacturers still produce cheap mesh bags for profiteering and ignore quality and consequences. Manufacturers like Fullway that use high-priced environmentally friendly materials as the manufacturing materials for mesh bags and sell them at low prices, are commendable.

Business tips:

As a consumer, how can we distinguish toxic mesh bags among many mesh bags? Please take a look: the non-toxic mesh bag is milky white, semi-transparent, or colorless and transparent, flexible, smooth when touched, and waxy on the outside; it feels sticky. Put the plastic bag in the water: Put the plastic bag in the water and press it into the bottom of the water. The non-toxic plastic pouch has a low relative density and can rise to the surface. The toxic plastic bag has a heavyweight and sinks. Shake: Hold one end of the plastic bag with your hand and shake it vigorously, declaring that those with a crisp sound are non-toxic; those with a dull sound are poisonous. We can also use fire to see, the non-toxic polyethylene plastic bag is easy to burn, the flame is blue, the upper end is yellow, and it drips like a candle when it is burned white wax so that can distinguish it very well.

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