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Shandong Fullway Import and Export Co., Ltd. is located in Jining City, Shandong Province, a leading professional PP leno mesh bags manufacturer and potato mesh bags exporter. Our main products are leno bags, which can be designed according to the requirements of customers. We have our own mesh bags production plant with rich experience in processing, design, transportation and export. The mash bags export company has been exporting mesh bags for many years, and the quality control is strict. Therefore,we are confident to provide every customer with quality leno bags with competitive wholesale prices.

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What is the process of making the leno mesh bags

The drawing of mesh leno bags:

After mixing raw materials and auxiliary materials, it is melted and extruded into a film by an extruder. Secondly, the film is cooled, divided into filaments (blanks), and then stretched orientated to produce flat filaments, and finally, these flat filaments are wound on the bobbin to make spindles. It is the first step to make garlic mesh bags.

The weaving of  leno mesh bags:

The weaving machine interweaves the warp and weft of the flat yarn to make a cloth. Laminating: Laminate the upper mouth white film and the middle trademark film on the correct position of the mesh cloth. The mesh bag without the trademark and white film does not need this process.

The sewing of mesh leno bags:

Stitch the bottom, we usually choose the flat stitch method, the side curling is three folds, the width of the side should be greater than 32.5px, and the flat stitching method should be parallel, and the distance between the inner and outer edges of the folded edge is 1/4. Floating thread and not returning stitches. Located in the middle of the fold, there should be no skipped stitches, no floating lines, etc. The side and bottom of the woven mesh fruit bags are woven together when weaving the mesh onion bags. The edge cutting should be cut with a knife, and the bottom of the bag is double-woven.

The detection of leno bags:

Length and width: there can be no deviation. Color: there should be no significant difference between the same batch of products

Stain: Significant pollution is forbidden.

Bag edge: no significant irregularities.

Serial port bag: It should be regular, and the distance should not be significantly misaligned.

Broken weft and warp: Each mesh bag promises to have two non-adjacent ones, but it needs to be connected firmly.

Perforation: For mesh bags that require covering on the mouth, perforation is required for filling. For example, mesh bags with a mouth string do not need this process.

Packing: Bundled and shipped with a baler

Loading and shipping

What are the types of Leno mesh bags

Leno Mesh Bags for Onion

Onion mesh bags are also called PP mesh bags and mesh harvest bags. It is usually used to pack onions, potatoes, corn, and other fresh vegetables.

Mesh Leno Bags for Garlic

There are many benefits of garlic mesh bags. First of all, the beautiful appearance of the slender cylindrical mesh bag will arouse people’s desire to buy. And it is very convenient to fix garlic directly with a mesh bag. When garlic is packed in mesh bags. In addition, we can intuitively see the freshness of garlic. We can also feel the quality of garlic directly by hand through the mesh.

Mesh Leno Bags for Potato

Potato mesh bags are usually divided into two types: wire bags and net bags. The wire bag is woven from cotton thread and linen thread. The net bag is made of PP synthetic material with mesh structure. They are all reusable shopping bags and product packaging. And they all have meshes, good air permeability, and are very suitable for storing potatoes.

Mesh Leno Bags for Firewood

The craft of wood mesh bag is a plain weave mesh bag; all mesh bags are plain silk. The characteristic of the flat wire is that it can bear weight. Firewood mesh bags need to be more load-bearing than ordinary mesh bags, so the flat line design of the mesh bag solves this problem well. The most significant advantage of Fullway’s firewood mesh bag is UV protection; even if it is exposed to the sun for a long time, it will not have much impact.

What are the advantages of using mesh leno bags for fruit and vegetables

There are many advantages to packing vegetables and fruits in mesh bags. The texture of the mesh bag is soft and tough, has a high breaking resistance, resistance to stretching, and can withstand a relatively large weight. The mesh bag is light in weight, non-toxic, and tasteless, and does not produce solid chemical odors. They visualize the appearance of the product and provide a low-cost packaging solution. Mesh bags also have excellent air permeability, which can keep the packaged products fresh for longer. This unique feature makes it easier to keep vegetables fresh in cold storage, thereby saving energy costs. Mesh bags are also ideal for fruit packaging. The mesh bag has flexibility, excellent bearing capacity, and intuitiveness, making it easier to check the appearance and quality of the fruit.

How to customize the leno bag according to your needs

Our onion mesh bag and garlic meshs bag can be customized in size and color according to your needs. What color meshs bag do you need? What size mesh bag do you need? What kind of fruits or vegetables do you need to pack in a net bag? Do you need to add text or pattern logo on the mesh bag? Friends, tell us your needs, and we will develop a detailed mesh bags production plan for you. The most critical feature of the our mesh bags are sturdy and durable. More and more customers recognize and order our onion mesh bags and garlic mesh bags.Welcome contact us to discuss cooperation matters.

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