Top 10 Flexible Packaging Film Manufacturers 



Flexible packaging has transformed the overall packaging systems. It is super easy to pack and elastic. Moreover, its health benefits and non-toxic nature keep it on the top.


Suppose you have made up your mind to purchase it. Who should you contact? What are flexible packaging film manufacturers? Well, this guide is for you. We will discuss the top 10 global flexible packaging film manufacturers and explore their features.


Let’s talk about them!

Top 10 flexible packaging film manufacturers


Our experts have tested many suppliers and made a comprehensive list. Go through each supplier and compare their costs!


Company Location Founded Year
Xiamen Kinderway Packaging Xiamen, China 1997
Shandong Fullway Import and Exports Jining City, Shandong, China 2005
Sealed Air North Carolina, United States 1960
Berry Global Group Indiana, United States 1967
Mondi Limited Weybridge, United Kingdom 1967
DS Smith Plc London, United Kingdom 1940
Danaflex Group Tatarstan, Russia 2001
Clondalkin Group Izmir, Turkey 1973
Amcor Limited Zurich, Switzerland 1896
Huhtamaki PPL Limited Espoo, Finland 1935


Xiamen Kinderway Packaging


Xiamen Kinderway Packaging is a popular name in the packaging industry. It deploys cutting-edge technology to speed up the production. Special attention to quality nurtures a wide selection of different products. 


Founded in 1997, it is not only working in China but also globally shipping to international consumers.


Here is why you should choose it!!

  • This supplier offers super affordable costs.
  • It offers a bunch of new designs with high-quality packaging stuff.

Top products

  • Flexible Packaging
  • Plastic Products

Shandong Fullway Import and Export

Packaging Film Roll

Welcome to another big name in the packaging industry from China!


Shandong Fullway keeps flexible packaging quality on its radar. As a leading flexible packaging film manufacturer, it exports products to more than 66 countries globally.


Founded in 2005, it has exceeded the consumer’s expectations in nurturing quality packaging.


Here is the reason why you should consider it.

  • Fullway Import has fed its production system with sustainable techniques. So, enjoy a healthy environment!
  • It ensures high-end packaging with ultimate durability.

Top products

  • Flexible Packaging Film 
  • Mesh Bags
  • Cartons

Sealed Air


Sealed Air has been in the packaging industry for more than 50 years. It features flexible packaging to bubble wrap and superior quality stuff.


They have designed pouches and food packaging. You can expect the following features from this supplier.


  • This supplier practices eco-friendly and safe production to keep clients safe and healthy.
  • Quality is impressive with ultimate shipping.

Top products


  • Flexible Packaging Film 
  • Cryovac food packaging
  • Bubble Wrap

Berry Global Group


Are you wondering about the US flexible packaging film manufacturers? Well, Berry Global keeps its supplies on top. Their R&D actively works to feature the top products in the town. The latest production tool ensures accuracy in production and better quality of the packaging.


Here are some positive points.

  • Berry Global Group aims to produce Innovative packaging.
  • A wide range of products stands it out from competitors’ suppliers.

Top products

  • Bags
  • Bottles
  • Building Materials

Mondi Limited


Mondi Limited has served its UK consumers for many decades. CNC-operated machinery allows quick production while keeping 100% accuracy in the designs. Flexible Packaging for food, pet, and personal care products is mind-boggling.


The most fascinating? It is:

  • It offers the full-fledged customization of the packages.
  • Sustainable production ensures better safety for consumers.

Top products

  • Corrugated Packaging
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Uncoated Fine Paper

DS Smith PLC


If you are making your way into flexible packaging, DS Smith PLC can be the ideal choice. Based in the UK, this supplier has featured numerous packaging products.


It offers paper to plastic packaging. Here are a few reasons behind its immense popularity.

  • All of their products have sustainable certifications.
  • Prices are competitive and effective for your business.

Top products

  • Paper Products Packaging
  • Recycling Packaging



This supplier has spent over 20 years introducing innovative packaging solutions. An active research team helps improve the sustainability of packaging options.


It produces packaging for all materials, such as fat, snacks, or food products.


Here are a few reasons to choose this supplier.

  • High-end packaging materials remain your partners for years without decaying or destruction.
  • The prices of the packaging films are cheap and more profitable for businesses.

Top products

  • Flexible Packaging
  • Plastic packaging 



When scrolling through the Turkish suppliers, you can’t ignore one name—CLONDALKIN GROUP! This brand has 50+ years of experience and offers the lowest possible prices for packaging solutions.


Next-level quality assurance keeps you selling packaging without a single stop. Here are a few points.

  • Suppliers aim to maximize the packaging durability with the good stuff.
  • Sustainable packaging will stand out in your brand in the industry!

Top products

  • Flexible Packaging Film 
  • Food packaging material 

Amcor Limited


Have you heard of the name Amcor? 109+ years of experience in sustainable packaging is enough to mark its name on the top.


Packaging designs are unique and good enough to fit the brand. You can explore the trendy styles in their wide range of packaging films.


A few things about the suppliers are:

  • Amcor features sustainable packaging solutions in its product catalog.
  • Quality is their key feature. So, expect a high business reputation by selling good stuff.

Top products

  • Flexible Packaging
  • Plastic Bottles
  • Blister
  • Equipment

Huhtamaki PPL Limited


Huhtamaki PPL Limited has been featuring the package products since 1935. (Whooping 80+ years of experience.)


From plastic packaging to food wrappers, it provides shelter to buyers. The excellent quality stuff ensures the durability of the packaging.


The benefits of this supplier include:

  • It has a particular concentration on quality. 
  • Flexible packaging is quite affordable compared to other suppliers.

Top products

  • Barrier Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical Products Packaging 
  • Food and Drink Packaging




Do your homework before sifting through the quality flexible packaging film manufacturers. Many companies offer good quality stuff with longevity, but prices are high. Compare costs, quality, and material before you pocket the best flexible packaging film.


Do you want some good packaging film? Shandong Fullway Import and Export promises high-end quality. Get your packaging materials at your home. Enjoy the better experience now!

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