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MasterNet Ltd

MasterNet Ltd was established in 1988 and located in Mississauga, Ontario. In the past 100 years, MasterNet Ltd has been the largest mesh bag manufacturer in North America. And MasterNet Ltd is a mosquito net manufacturer with global food safety certification. Its main product is textile bags. Currently, MasterNet Ltd has a complete product category. It has a good brand reputation and popularity. It is a large-scale comprehensive export company. If you need cotton and linen textile bags, then I recommend you choose them.


Fullway is located in Jining City, Shandong Province, China. Their company pursues “quality first, reputation first”. It exports various types of onion bags throughout the year. Every year, onion bags export to 66 countries/regions, including Dubai and the Netherlands. The main feature of this product is environmental protection. Fullway mainly exports biodegradable onion bags. It is suitable for storing vegetables and fruits such as onion, garlic, watermelon, etc. It has its separate processing plant, and customers can customize it individually according to their needs. The price is low, and the quality is good. Fullway is a professional manufacturer and exporter of net bags. If you need a degradable and reusable mesh bag, then I recommend you to choose fullway.

Harra Polypack

Harra Polypack was established in 2011, and its primary production is sharp mesh bags. The gauze material is polypropylene, which is not easily damaged and can be stored for a long time. It is suitable for storing pecans, peanuts and other foods that will not rot in a short period. Customers can also customize the colour and size they want. If you’re going to choose a very durable mesh bag, then Harra Polypack is a good choice.

Commercial Bag & Supply Co

Commercial Bag & Supply Co was established in 1948 and located in Des Moines, Iowa. It started with making a coarse sack. Now focus on making canvas bags and cotton sacks. Their primary materials are polyethene or nylon. It can use its bags to hold products such as vegetables and fruits and seafood such as clams and oysters. Many domestic consumers deeply love their complete product categories. Canvas bags or cotton and linen belts are suitable for holding a small number of fruits and vegetables. It will break the pack because of its weight. If you are looking for a packaging bag ideal for a small number of fruits and vegetables, I recommend choosing Commercial Bag & Supply Co.

LBU, Inc.

LBU, Inc. was founded in 1983 and is located in Paterson, New Jersey. It is a large textile factory. In addition to ordinary mesh bags, it mainly produces backpacks, handbags and so on. Its production volume is among the best in the world. It enjoys a good reputation among domestic and foreign customers. LBU, Inc.’s mesh bags can be customized, printed, cut and sewn. It is a custom manufacturer of various fabric mesh bags and cases, mainly making handbags, suitcases and backpacks. For their net bags, I recommend you to choose their handbags.

Sunrise Polynet

Sunrise Polynet was established in 2016. The company is located in Vastral, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It is a mighty net bag manufacturer in the Indian market. Mainly produce, retail, and wholesale high-quality packaging plastic net loans. But what it especially makes is that the net bag is rugged, which is not suitable for large quantities of fruits and vegetables. Because it may crush fruits and vegetables, but it is ideal for storing plastic toys or relatively sturdy objects. The bag is mainly white, and the drawstring at the bag’s mouth can seal the pack’s mouth. This is not customizable.


cleanwrap1983 was established in South Korea. It is a famous manufacturer of net bags for daily necessities.Cleanwrap mainly produces and sells cling film, fresh-keeping bags and net bags. It is a representative producer of plastic bags for daily needs in Korea. For many years, he has been committed to the research of life and health. Provide consumers with a guarantee of the quality of life. It is a good choice if you are looking for household fresh-keeping bags.

Laraty Packing & Crafts Co., Ltd

Established in 2010. Located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China. Since 2010, they have been exporting all kinds of bags, such as canvas cotton bags, reusable product bags, jute burlap bags, etc. His price is a bit higher, but the quality is good. Its design is beautiful and can also customize. It mainly produces small mesh bags, suitable for packing small amounts of fruits and vegetables. Their home also focuses on environmentally friendly design. If you want to customize a large number of cotton woven bags or mesh handbags, their home is a good choice.

Fulton-Denver Company

Fulton-Denver Company was founded in 1955 and is located in London, England. It has rich production experience. It has many types of products, such as mesh bags, cotton bags and sandbags. In 2014, it was the winner of the Vacaville Best Textile Bag Award. Their products take the high-end route. Although the price is high, it mainly produces the safest and highest quality products. They have strict quality control in the procurement and production of packaging materials. They have excellent service and quality. If you have no money troubles, then Fulton-Denver Company is a good choice.

Lloyd Bag Company

Lloyd Bag Company was founded in 1939. After a long period of exploration, Lloyd Bag Company has already possessed a sophisticated bag making technology. There are many products in his family, such as linen bags, sandbags and woven bags. Lloyd Bag Company’s mesh bags are mainly used in agriculture. The mesh density is relatively small, so the gap on the surface of the bag is small. It is not suitable for packaging fruits but is more suitable for small and not perishable commodities such as wheat and corn kernels. You can also customize the colour you want when you buy a net bag.

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