Advantages Of Onion Mesh Bags : Are They Good Replacements To Plastic Bags Or Not?

Onion mesh bags are very handy and convenient to use as they are a good replacement for plastic bags. Preserving Fruits and vegetables in them allows you to save money which is a great advantage.

Are buying onion mesh bags wholesale for onions, fruits, and other vegetables worth it?

Here in this article we have explained the advantages you can get using onion mesh bags for daily grocery use.

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They Are Good Replacement To Plastic Bags

After the laws of not using plastic bags came, almost every person took out the old baggies out of their closet. At this stage, as an alternative to plastic bags, reusable onion net bags work well for measuring fruits and vegetables. A group of individuals has devised a solution after years of research, work, and waste reduction. The solution is a product that can replace plastic onion bags.

Factors That Make Onion Mesh Bags More Reliable

Mesh Fruit and Vegetable Bags

When it comes to onion net bags, they are better than plastic bags for fruits and vegetables because air circulation is better in them. On the other side, plastic onion bags wrap them.

But to explain this concept more, below are the advantages you can get with mesh bags.

They Are More Practical

Onion mesh bags are reusable. However, they are comfortable to carry because the transparency they provide is excellent. The shopkeeper can easily scan the barcode without taking them out from the mesh bags.

On the other hand, there is less plastic waste. Everytime you purchase something you pack it in a plastic mesh bag and later dispose of it which creates a lot of waste. Using onion sacks means you are producing less plastic waste and also supporting the companies who manufacture mesh bags for you. Onion mesh bag supplier fits a perfect example here!

They Are Reusable & Multifunctional

The best thing that we love about the mesh bags for storing onion is that they are multifunctional. Beside carrying onions and fruits, you can use these onion sacks to store food in the fridge. Secondly, they can also be used to wash handy fruits and vegetables like grapes and cherries.

Moreover, these mesh bags for storing onions are eco-friendly and cut off the excessive use of plastic. In this way, you can keep your food fresh and can also save your money because these onion sacks are affordable.

Plastic Makes Your Home More Toxic, But These Mesh Bags Don’t

The worst thing about plastic is that they are more messy and toxic. They are all around your food that you consume. Moreover, there are several micro-plastics that we normally consume but did not notice because they are very small in size and digestible but are really toxic.

In order to ensure your health and the health of the environment, it’s vital to know that reusable produce bags are a responsible choice. Sustainable living, as well as healthy, natural living, rely on the use of reusable produce bags to be successful.

How These Onion Mesh Bags Are Eco-Friendly


Reusable onion mesh bags wholesale are one of the principles of reducing waste.

While disposable paper bags are degradable, synthetic bags are viewed as more environmentally friendly – because they are recyclable.

In many cases, you will be able to use these bags for about a year – and throughout that time you will be able to replace about 600 ordinary plastic onion bags.

Their eco-friendliness is not because of the materials they use, but because of the way of life that they reflect and contribute to a better ecological balance in the world.

What Are The Market Point Of View With Onion Mesh Bags


When the product first approached the market, it did not end well. But, with time it becomes a very creative and successful idea because a bunch of people are already tired of using plastic bags and always buying them that costs them extra.

As we said before, onion mesh bags are a great way to preserve onions, fruits, and other vegetables. However, the majority of people who are aware of the eco system encourage this product and utilize it as well.

A Guide To Reusable Mesh Bags

When it comes to the replacement of plastic onion bags, mesh bags are great because they are clear, colourless, and thin.

The good thing is that onion net bags are not just a great replacement but also bring different options for you. Check out the below options that we summarized for you!

Homemade Vs Purchased

Creating DIY things at your home is good but not everyone is that creative. However, it is a cheap way to produce and use onion net bags. But, if you want a bag that lasts longer and always has a zipper or something that discloses the upper of onion sacks, you may need to purchase mesh bags from the shop.

From our perspective, it is not a big deal because they are already affordable and can be used as much as you want depending on what you are putting in them.

Second Hand Fabric

Most people don’t know but if you are planning to create onion net bags at home you can use second hand fabric material. Second hand fabric means old net curtains, tablecloths, sheets, and old bed sheets.

In addition, mosquito netting can also be used to produce mesh bags but they are not recommended because they have several pesticides on it that will make everything toxic you put in the onion sack bag.

Always Choose The Right Fabric Type

A fabric’s properties vary depending on its type. Despite their lightweight and see-through qualities, mesh or net bags are rarely made from natural fibers. Furthermore, mesh or net bags cannot be used for flour or fine powders.

Natural cotton cloth is not see-through and slightly heavier, and it is natural but not see-through. Using too many of these bags on a busy day will slow down the checkout operators, so be mindful of using too many of these onion sack bags. (Not all stores are able to remove the weight of the bag from the scales, so heavy bags will cost more.)

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