How To Recycle And Reuse Mesh Polypropylene Bags


Polypropylene is a common material used in producing packaging bags. These bags are used for organic produce packaging, including fruits, veggies, potatoes, etc. Propylene offers easy sorting and secure packaging to these products.

Apart from providing safe packaging, mesh polypropylene is a marketing tool with an enticing and beautiful appearance.

They entice buyers to purchase their content. Most mesh polypropylene bags are red, making their content fresher and more vibrant.

Polypropylene bags are also available in yellow or green, producing content like lemons that appear more yellow.

Do polypropylene bags have further use after serving their purpose?


When you visit stores or supermarkets, fruits in mesh polypropylene bags look enticing.

When you purchase them, you find a way to quickly remove them from the mesh polypropylene bags and refrigerate them.

The next is to dispose of the item in the bin. Consider dumping it in the landfills. But, technology has made it possible to recycle mesh polypropylene bags.

Recycling mesh bags removes the odor, color, and all impurities.

Can you reuse or recycle polypropylene bags?


In the shortest form, yes, you can recycle polypropylene bags. Mesh polypropylene bags are designed with fabric fibers woven together.

They are almost entirely made of plastic, implying you can recycle or reuse them.

You must first collect mesh polypropylene bags, sort them, and shred them.

The next step is to separate these bags by color and compound them for effective processing.

It is worth stating polypropylene bags contribute to environmental protection.

Recyclers recycle about one percentage of PP, leaving the rest decomposing after dumping them in landfills.

This decomposition releases fumes and chemicals that are dangerous to the environment.

Polypropylene has durability and weighs less. The recyclable material remains intact even when you expose it to high heat.

The material ensures the safety of organic products.

Reusing mesh polypropylene bags

From bird feeders to pot scrubbers, you can reuse your mesh polypropylene bags in several ways. These exercises require little to no mastery, as you can complete them within a few minutes.

Here are some easy ways to reuse your mesh bags after the first use:

Bird Feeder

Birds love it when they can quickly peck at their yummy stuff. Using mesh polypropylene bags as a feeder is a fantastic way to keep your birds happy. Pour their favorite grains, peanuts, and other edibles and hang them on a tree branch. This makes it easier for them to access their meal anytime. Once they run out of grain, you can always refill it.

Regardless of size or holes, you can use any mesh bag as a feeder. You only require less sewing by cutting squares of mesh big enough. Put varieties of treats, including oats, veggies, and so on, until you get all sorts of dough. Make the mesh top secure by fastening it with a ripe. Get an extra rope to hang the feeder to a branch. While the pet birds hang easily to the mesh, they can also enjoy the treats in the feeder.

Reusable Produce Bag

While you believe plastic mesh polypropylene bags are a one-time use, you can still visit the store to buy more products. Executing this task requires you to be handy with the sewing machine. On the other hand, you can complete it if you are a confident hand stitcher. Begin by taking the mesh bag rectangles and sewing along the edges to get the desired pocket.

Starting with the rectangles and edge sewing may be unnecessary if you have a reasonable product bag size and shape. Crafting out this produce bag will require sewing some fabric around the bag top. This will help you get a drawstring bag. Sew the fabric like a tube, allowing it to pass the string to make it handy.

Plant Bird Netting

Mesh bags can put an end to birds picking at your plants. If you have small plants like strawberries, mesh can help you prevent birds from picking at them. Cover the plants with the mesh like a netting. You can save more mesh bags if you have plenty of areas to cover. Cut the mesh into sizable sheets. Alternatively, you can sew it with a machine or hand to get the desired size.

Pot Scrubber

Making a pot scrubber from a mesh polypropylene bag is interesting. It doesn’t require much stress, and you can use it on the go. You will need a few mesh sheets to make your pot scrubber by cutting it out from a produce bag. The larger the quantity of available sheets, the larger the scrubber. Fold the cut-out sheets neatly many times. Tuck in rough edges as you fold them.

Clip the open size together once you have reached the desired size and shape. Get a need and a solid thread to fasten it together. Ensure that the open edges are attached perfectly, which will help prevent unraveling. Consider using a simple blanket stitch to complete this task.

Arranging Flowers

If you crave flower arrangements, a mesh bag is a fantastic option for holding flowers. It helps to prevent them from bunching up together. Reuse your mesh for flower arrangements by taking a mason jar and putting the material above it. Fasten the ring above it. Get scissors to cut off parts that do not fit in well.

Gift Wrap Bow/Dressing Up

You can make that gift more attractive with mesh bags before sending it to the recipient. Wrap up your gifts with mesh or use it as an embellishment. You don’t need much skill or tools to carry out this project. Tie it in the center for a bow/flower shape, then place it over your gift.

Get the best of your mesh bags.

Mesh bags have unlimited use, even after their initial uses. Beyond fruit packaging, these materials have several other home uses. You can start making the best from mesh bags today, from gift item wrapping to scrubber making.

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