How to Improve the Gloss of Mesh Bags?

Mesh bags are widely used in our daily production and life. With the improvement of people’s living standards, mesh bag customers also put forward higher requirements for the appearance quality of mesh bags. The surface gloss of the mesh bag is a very important aspect of the appearance quality of the mesh bag.

How to improve this gloss? After repeated attempts, Shandong Fuwei has improved the process and found a suitable method. At present, this method is suitable for the production of various vegetable and fruit mesh bags. Such as onion mesh bags, corn mesh bags, and potato mesh bags.

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How to improve the glossiness of mesh bags

In order to improve the gloss of the mesh bag, it is necessary to brighten or passivate the raw material. Processing of mesh bags’ raw materials is a common method to increase the gloss of mesh bags. In addition to this, we can also use the additive brightening method, mixed brightening method, shape control brightening method, molding equipment smoothness control, secondary processing brightening method, and surface coating brightening method to increase the gloss of mesh bags.

The improvement of net bag gloss is beneficial to increasing sales. The progress of the gloss of mesh bags can increase the ornamental properties of mesh bags. It can also ensure the quality of our users because many users pay more attention to the gloss of mesh bags when they buy them.

We often use mesh bags to transport vegetables and fruits. But the mesh bag itself also needs to be transported and stored. The correct method of transportation and storage allows us to make better use of mesh bags for packaging and keep the gloss of mesh bags.

When packing mesh bags, mesh bags with different specifications should distinguish parameters and sizes. Pack them separately. The quantity of each bag should be accurate, and the product specifications are on the outside of each package.

After packaging, we need to transport them to prevent contamination, friction, and heating during transport. Do not touch too sharp objects when unloading, otherwise. It will cause unnecessary damage, only when the mesh bags are stored and transported, they can be better used.

Precautions for the use of corn mesh bags:

  1. Different colors and specifications should be separated during transportation to prevent pollution and avoid contact with sharp objects.
  2. When using the mesh bag, open it slowly, don’t pull it hard. Because rough pulling is easy to tear the mesh bag, the remaining mesh bags should be sorted and stored and then used when needed.
  3. When storing mesh bags, they should be placed in the cool place of the warehouse. Mesh bags should not be exposed to wind and sunlight and are easily affected by weather when preserved.

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