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In 1919, Hubco found in Hutchinson, Kansas. Hubco can produce and print all kinds of leno mesh bags. You can choose the fabric, size, and style of the leno bag. Hubco serves a wide range of industries, providing many inventories and custom bags for food, feed, seeds, mailing, and parts. Mesh bag manufacturers have an extensive range of products.
They can print on many types of woven and non-woven fabrics. Hubco can make leno net bags with different weights and weave specifications. In addition, it can also customize the color or weaving method of the leno bag. The printing of the leno bag can increase the fun and personality of the pack. This can make customers’ products stand out in a crowded market!
Hubco’s printing process can print up to four (4) colors. Do your best to meet your needs.

Fullway Import and Export Co., Ltd.

Shandong Fullway Import and Export Co., Ltd. is located in Jining City, Shandong Province. It is a leading professional manufacturer and exporter of Leno Mesh Bag in China. Their main product is mesh bags, which can design according to customer requirements. And there is a processing plant with rich experience in processing, design, transportation, and export. Our company has been exporting mesh bags for many years, with strict quality control.
As one of the largest Leno Mesh Bag exporters, fullway produces mesh bags at low prices and high quality. Every year, we export various net bag products to more than 66 countries, including the Netherlands, Dubai, Indonesia, Brazil, Canada, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon. And you can customize its unique commercial logo to help increase its visibility. Their after-sales service is also very perfect. In short, this is the Leno Mesh Bag manufacturer that I highly recommend.

Shree Maruti Exim

This is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of leno mesh bags. Their wide range of top-quality products includes Leno bags, mesh bags, tarpaulins, and more. Leno net manufacturers can provide high-quality packaging solutions according to customers’ specifications, dimensions, and weight. They also supply a variety of polypropylene packaging material fabrics worldwide. Their leno mesh bags have flexibility, high strength, and durability and mainly use for fertilizer, cement, sand, etc.
They have expertise in manufacturing and supplying PP/HDPE woven fabric rolls. If you have any questions, you can contact their staff directly.

Rathi Packaging Private Limited

In 2014, Rathi Packaging Private Limited was established in Ahmedabad. This is a relatively high-quality manufacturer of Leno Mesh Bag. They can provide customers with professional and perfect customized services. As a high-quality Leno Mesh Bag manufacturer, they are also constantly improving their products. Continuously working hard to upgrade the technology and materials on the net bag, we are committed to providing customers with the best service.
And he has his own Leno Mesh Bag transportation company, so the logistics are very developed. They can guarantee that they will deliver the goods to the designated location within a specific time. As the largest manufacturer of Leno Mesh Bag in India, they are committed to providing the best quality at the lowest price.

Fox Packaging

Fox Packaging is one of the earliest Leno processors in the United States. It is still the top Leno bulk bag manufacturer in the United States. The Leno Mesh Bag produced does use to make a variety of goods. Including onions, peanuts, cabbage, citrus, firewood, and other miscellaneous items.
They provide 100% in-house Leno conversion, printing, sewing, and final manufacturing. They have the most stringent specifications for the Leno Mesh Bag produced in the factory. Leno Mesh Bag has strict control over material weight, quality of dyes and pigments, resin, and bag strength.
Fox Packaging can also flexibly customize Leno Mesh Bag for customers. It includes new mesh colors to enhance product display and different bag widths to meet mechanical requirements. In addition, they were able to convert Leno bags to a “pillow top” design to optimize pallet loading.


Allpack is leading the way by being among the “brand leaders” in the packaging industry. And it is constantly innovating to be applied to packaging products, such as dunnage bags, lashings, industrial plastic bags, plastic lids, bubble boards, corrugated boxes and boards, wooden boxes, and plywood boxes, pallets and crates, PP woven bags, and Leno mesh bags.
Allpack also manufactures packaging products with high durability and excellent finish for various customers. As a well-known manufacturer of customized Leno Mesh Bag, it can provide different materials in various shapes, sizes, and colors according to customer requirements.

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