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The term potato bag can be considered a generic term for bags for everyday use today. Potato bags can refer to a variety of different types of bags and bag structures. A few types of potato bags for sale are briefly listed, including

  1. Paper potato bags
  2. Poly potato bags
  3. Mesh potato bags
  4. Burlap potato bags, etc.

The applications and uses for these different bags vary in processing facilities and farms and the actual retail packaging used in the store.

potato bags for sale/packaging products

Potato paper bag

The product is seen via a mesh cutout in the potato paper bags. They’re frequently utilized in retail packaging. They, like all paper bags, can be printed, and the most common size is 50 pounds.

potato paper bag

Potato Mesh Bags

Potato Mesh bags are commonly employed on farms or in processing facilities, with capacities ranging from 50 to 500 pounds. For storage and/or transportation, they are usually packed with smaller retailable potato bags (smaller 5 lb. or 10 lb. poly/mesh bags). They can be custom printed, and stock bags come with checkboxes to indicate the weight of the retail bags included (e.g., a 50-lb. baler filled with 10 5-lb. potato bags).

polypropylene mesh bags

Poly Potato Bags

Polyethylene baler bags are simply polyethylene baler bags. They’re used in the same way that paper baler bags are. They also have holes in the polyethylene to allow the potatoes to breathe while being stored and shipped. They are entirely customizable and may be printed in photo quality on personalized bags.

potato mesh bag

Retail potato bags

Potato bags made of consumer polyethylene are smaller bags that may be filled with potatoes and sold in supermarkets. They are commonly used to fill baler bags and come in a variety of weight categories (3 lb, 5 lb, 8 lb, 10 lb, etc.). They feature strategically placed holes in the polymer to allow the object to breathe, and they can print on photo-quality custom prints. Can also alter The hole placement on custom bag orders to accommodate branded printing.

mesh bags

Mesh Potato Bags 

Mesh potato bags are the most common type of baler bag – sold in 50 lb. sizes. The mesh provides maximum breathability for the potatoes contained. To learn more about our mesh bag products,click here. The most complete potato bags for sale.

potato mesh bag

Potato Burlap Sacks

Potatoes are nearly synonymous with burlap bags. These 50-pound bags are completely biodegradable, allowing your product to breathe freely. Click here to discover more about our burlap bag goods.

potato mesh bag

We produce a wide variety of potato bags, customizable in size, color, mesh density and with or without drawstring. We promise that potato bags for sale are the best.

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