6 Types of Mesh Bags

Speaking of woven bags people’s minds must think of those rough, simple designs of the bag. In fact, these most traditional plastic woven bags are only a part of it. Now the types of mesh bags are far more than these. Especially in the continuous progress of technology, people have designed a lot of both beautiful and environmentally friendly new plastic mesh bags. Plastic mesh bags are an indispensable part of our life. Here we will take a detailed look at the various forms of plastic mesh bags and how -to choose them in real life.
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Polypropylene material mesh bag

This is currently the most common kind of mesh bag material. The so-called polypropylene material is actually the PP material that we are familiar with. This material belongs to the most commonly used material, belongs translucent material. The use of this material is not to produce any toxic effects, not to mention the appearance of any odor.
When this mesh bag is processed, the melting point needs to be burned to 167 degrees Celsius. This is why they are highly heat resistant when used later. In addition to this, steam is used for sterilization during the process. This will ensure that all the mesh bags will not hang down any damage when in use.
The most noteworthy thing is that the mesh bags made of this material have a very small density, so the mesh bags’ quality is very light. It is also more convenient for us to use it. And the plastic woven bags made of this material also have high strength corrosion resistance. Therefore, as the mainstream of today’s products, light and durable can also be recycled after use.
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Fish mesh bags

These plastic bags are suitable for storing meat, fish, and other produce. Use them in many locations, from small supermarkets to supermarkets. These plastic bags are used for multipurpose storage, from meat to confectionery products. And these mesh bags are generally biodegradable materials. This mesh bag is perfect for use with foam trays to place products on and into these bags. It is much more flexible than the average plastic mesh bag and is perfect for sealing and storing meat, candy, etc. And the mesh bag is transparent, so we can also clearly see the quality of the fish. And it reduces bacteria breeding.
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Rolled Vegetable Bags

These plastic mesh bags are suitable for storing vegetables and other produce. These mesh bags are used in supermarkets and grocery stores to hold fruits and vegetables. The mesh is dense enough so that you can clearly see the goodness of the vegetables and fruits inside the bag. They are also strong enough to withstand the weight and are evenly perforated for tearing.
This type of mesh bag is used in all major supermarkets and mini-markets. These plastic bags are used for multi-purpose storage, from fresh fruits and vegetables to meat and confectionery products. And it comes in two mesh bag types, a clear one in addition to the perforated one. These clear mesh bags can meet the needs of leading supermarkets and are often ideal for export mesh bags.
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Leno mesh bags

One of the most common uses of plastic mesh bags designed for packaging consumer goods. Due to their permeability, Leno bags are an excellent packaging material for fresh produce such as onions. This allows plastic mesh bags to keep products fresher for longer periods of time. In addition to packaging onions, plastic mesh bags can also be used to package potatoes, vegetables, fruits, flowers and more.
Plastic mesh bags are perfect for keeping produce fresh. They allow good air circulation throughout the package, thus keeping products such as potatoes and other root crops safely fresh. leno mesh bags also have excellent washability and reusability, making them a practical choice for packaging different types of fresh produce. What makes these mesh bags more suitable for packaging root crops such as potatoes is that they can withstand heavy loads without breaking or damaging.
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The mesh design also makes it easier to view the product unobstructed from the inside, making quality control possible through simple visual inspection.
Another important use of mesh onion bags is to package vegetables and keep them fresh. Plastic mesh bags breathe well and stay fresher longer.
This unique feature also helps save on energy costs and makes it easier to keep vegetables fresh in refrigeration. Plastic mesh bags are also a great packaging alternative for fruit. They offer flexibility and great weight-bearing capacity, and better visibility, making it easier to check the quality of packaged fruit. Another important use for sarong mesh bags is to package delicate products such as flowers, requiring careful handling and good airflow to extend their lives.
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Composite material mesh bags

This material is made out of plastic woven bags, mainly in line with the plastic film as raw materials, and presented in front of people when similar to a layer of cloth bags. Mesh bags where one layer is polypropylene material, the other layer of polyester material, that is, this is a new raw material, in the current market has a very promising future.
There is no need to worry about the corrosive performance of the mesh bag when using this material of plastic woven bags. Because of the advanced procedures in the design and production, the corrosion resistance of the bags is very strong. In addition to this, the bag will also have the characteristics of dust and moisture resistance. Therefore, many units will choose this material for packaging. The most important is the packaging of pesticides and fertilizers.
It is because of the special material properties of mesh bags so that when used, they can also resist the effects of extremely low temperatures. So even if the net bag is placed in the extremely cold zone, it will not be affected in the slightest. The most noteworthy is that the plastic woven bags made of this material will not have any toxic effects and odor. However, there is also an aspect that is not ideal: the ability to resist aging is poor.

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