The Complete Guide to Corrugated Boxes Wholesale


Corrugated boxes are some of the most used packaging materials. Companies trust these boxes as they offer protection and are cost-effective. On top of that, they provide to cushion and structural rigidity, which makes them ideal for packaging even the most delicate items.

Corrugated mailer boxes can also be reused or recycled, significantly contributing to environmental conservation. This article provides more information about corrugated mailer boxes wholesale. Read on to learn more. 

What Are Corrugate Boxes?

corrugated boxes

Corrugated boxes are packaging materials made of different layers: inside and outside liners and a medium between the two. These boxes are lightweight yet resilient, which makes them a perfect packaging solution for companies and businesses of all sizes. 

They are available in four types. These include:

Single PhasedSingle-phased corrugated boxes have one or two linear board sheets and a single flute stacked to the flute. These corrugate boxes are mainly for cushioning products or wrapping them.

1.Single Wall

Single-wall corrugate boxes wholesale contain single sheet of corrugate medium placed between two linear board sheets. 

2.Double Wallboard

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Triple wallboard corrugated boxes wholesale have two layers of corrugated medium placed between three liner board layers. These boxes are rigid and are suitable for packaging delicate and heavy products

3.Triple Wall

Triple-wall corrugated mailer boxes wholesale are made of three layers of corrugated medium placed between four-liner board sheets. These boxes are sturdy and durable, making them ideal for packaging industrial parts. 

Benefits Of Using Wholesale Corrugated Boxes

Below are some of the benefits of wholesale boxes.

1. They Are Customizable

Your corrugated boxes can be custom-made to suit your style and needs. That means you can have unique packaging solutions for your products depending on their nature and sizes. 

2. They Are Eco-Friendly

Using corrugated boxes is one way of minding the environment. A majority of the materials that make these boxes is recycling. Additionally, the materials used to assemble them are ecologically friendly. 

3. They Are Cost-Effective

Packaging materials don’t have to be very expensive. You get a cost-effective packaging solution with corrugated boxes wholesale, especially when purchasing in bulk. Since the boxes are lightweight, shipping costs remain low. 

4. They are Versatile

Corrugated mailer boxes wholesale are helpful in different situations, such as packaging foodstuff, packing household items when relocating, and packing office stationery. The good thing is that they’re customizable, making them ideal for packaging a wide range of materials. There are a lot of things you can do with them, including reusing them. 

5. They Offer Sufficient Protection 

Protecting goods while in transit and storage is one of the reasons many people prefer corrugated boxes over other packaging materials. These corrugated mailer boxes wholesale offer protection against damage as their outer layers offer rigidity, while the middle layer provides cushioning. On top of that, they keep moisture and bacteria out of the packaged materials. 

Uses Of Corrugated Boxes

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Corrugated boxes are helpful when it comes to different packaging items. These include:

1. Electronics

Electronics are usually very fragile, and one has to be cautious when handling them. These materials can be packaged in corrugated boxes and other packing materials for more protection from damage. Since these boxes offer to cushion, electronic products get to their destinations free from wear. 

2. Food

Food products are usually susceptible, and a lot of care must be taken to avoid contamination when handling them. Corrugated boxes offer a good solution for packaging food products. They keep food safe and prevent bacterial infection. On top of that, they are known for keeping food fresh for a long. 

3. Office Supply

Office supplies, especially paper, need protection from damage when in transit or during storage. Corrugate mailer boxes wholesale offer this protection thanks to their strength and cushioning properties. 

4. Publishing

Publishing materials such as books and magazines are highly susceptible to damage, especially from moisture. Transporting these materials is also a hassle since they tend to be heavy. Fortunately, corrugate boxes can handle the weight and ensure the materials remain moisture-free. 

5. Textiles

Corrugate boxes are for packaging textiles, especially for delivery purposes. The packages offer protection against damages, providing a safe and dependable packaging option. They keep them free of moisture and wear and tear. 

6. Healthcare

To avoid damage, we must take care when packaging healthcare items and products. Medical instruments and medications can easily get damaged when not handled properly. Corrugate boxes wholesale offer a good solution for transporting these products by ensuring they are well-protected during transit or storage. 

Corrugated Boxes Wholesale Prices

Unfortunately, there is no one fit answer to how much boxes wholesale cost. The prices depend on several factors, such as the size and shape of the boxes a person orders. For example, large boxes will cost more than small ones. Also, customized packages may cost more than regular crates. Other factors that determine the cost of wholesale corrugated mailer boxes include:

  • Types of flutes and joints
  • Bursting strength
  •  Number of plies
  • Board thickness

However, these boxes are relatively inexpensive. Their prices fall within the packaging budget of many companies. They offer a cost-effective solution for companies looking for reliable and safe product packaging materials. 

The Best Wholesale Corrugated Box Suppliers

Fullway, Import and Export Co. are wholesale corrugate mailer box suppliers dedicated to helping companies find long-lasting and reliable solutions for their packaging needs. We have corrugated boxes of different types suitable for various industries. Our packages are customizable, environmentally friendly, and fully recyclable. Contact us to get more information concerning our corrugate boxes wholesale options and place your order. 


Corrugated boxes from reputable mailer box suppliers offer reliable packaging solutions for various products. These boxes are for packaging products, including food, office supplies, textiles, healthcare items, and publishing materials. They are some of the most common packaging materials, as they protect against damage for items either in transit or during storage. 


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