The Top Ten Carton Box Suppliers

In the age of global demand for packaging, the cardboard box industry has a flair. As corrugated packaging offers an environment-friendly solution to many packaging-dependent sectors ranging from local small to international giants.

Paper packing allows multipurpose usage, and it is a reliable and renewable solution in an age with thriving demand in the supply chain industry.

 We live in an era of swelling demands, where packing has continuous demand.

So, knowing about the basics of card boxes before adopting them as one’s business or simply being a customer, this fundamental knowledge is beneficial.

This article may give you an insight into paper, carton, or corrugated suppliers. The following words contain a plethora of information about the potential of the corrugated, paper, and cardboard packing industry.


Table of Contents:

This article is designed to give you basic to advanced information levels. All about carton boxes and corrugated sheet packing from ten top-ranked suppliers to the potential of this industry is assembled here:

  • Some general info
  • Top ten suppliers
  • Profit of top-ranked suppliers
  • Why is there so much potential?
  • Future of carton boxes
  • Safety that these carton boxes bid
  • Ecologically friendly nature of carton boxes
  • Conclusionary remarks
  • Certain FAQs are also here for some instinctive queries


Some General Info about Cardboard suppliers:

Carton, paper, and cardboard box providers are makers of packing products. They offer packaging based on paper pulp, fiber, and corrugated paper. Such packaging is formed from various materials, including coated and uncoated paper sheets. Cardboard suppliers offer consumer packing, industrial packaging, printed and writing papers, corrugated sheets, carton boxes, and container boards.

corrugated boxes

10 Giants in the Carton Box Industry:

The top ten cardboard box suppliers are listed below to help you learn more about the industry before making gains from this business. Geographically, these top-ranked companies are mainly inhabited in Europe, with five out of ten cardboard industry mammoths. Three companies are working in The United States of America. Asia is at number 3, where two out of these top-ranked companies are in operation.

  1. International Paper Co.’s headquarters is in the United States of America.
  2. West Rock Co This company deals in paper and packaging and headquarters in the USA.
  3. Tetra Pak International SA is a Switzerland-based company that deals with packaging paper and carton boxes.
  4.  Oji Holding Cop provides packaging solutions in corrugated boxes. It operates from Japan while searching for new horizons in trade and commerce worldwide.
  5.  Amcor Plc is a United Kingdom-based industry. Competing others in providing synthetic and organic boxes ranging from paper to carton box packing.
  6. Stora Enso Oyj headquarters in Finland and is maintaining its position in the thriving industry of paper and packaging.
  7. Summarfit Kappa Group Plc is based in Ireland.                                                                                          
  8.  UMP-Kymmene Corp. is also like Stora Oyj, working in Finland.
  9. Weyerhaeuser Co. is a USA-based firm.
  10. DS Smith Plc is a United Kingdom-based pare and packaging supplier. Among these

Giants, some budding but equally competent companies, are seeking to deliver the same level of excellence as these top-ranked companies. One of such competent carton box supplier’s web link is given for your ease.


Gains of Top-Ranked Cardboard Box Manufacturers:

Their collectively generated business reached heights of more than 126,626 million US Dollars in previous years, while the following year seeks more additions. American-based and top-name International Paper Co. is the sole contributor of more than 19,363 million US dollars.

Cardboard Boxes

What Makes the Cardbox Industry a Potential One?

That’s a billion-dollar question. The skyrocketing demand of the supply and chain industry truly supports carton box makers in directly proportional ways.

 The contemporary era is an age of E-Commerce with no doubts. Here comes the number game of cardboard suppliers and paper box manufacturers on which the surging wave of packing demand lies. This demand and supply notion is a subtle reason for high revenue generation.


Future of Carton Box Suppliers:

cardboard boxes

With astonishing returns till today, these traders have a bright future ahead of them. How? Here comes curiosity in mind and environmental problems are answered.

Many Industries are searching for an eco-friendly the solution to meet the exceeding demand for packing materials and cardboard suppliers are quenching their demand.

Safety that Carton Boxes Bid:

Corrugated sheet boxes allow an average consumer to rely on them in terms of the safety of their products. Foodstuffs packed in such boxes are safe from the hazardous release of chemicals that plastic packing offers, and a pizza slice in corrugated packing is medically safe to eat.


Ecologically Friendly Nature of Cartons:       

Recycling is the elementary feature that categorizes corrugated sheet boxes as environmentally safe packaging solutions. Amidst the wave of global warming, this feature reusability ranks such boxes safe, and their demand remains on a continuous rise. 



Carton boxes endlessly engage consumers with all sorts of packing demands. The above-mentioned corrugated box manufacturers make heavy revenues. Their customer span is extensive.

New budding suppliers such as Mesho Carton box suppliers offer promising reliability and reliance on their products for growing needs. This business is eco-friendly and has the prowess to meet the expanding demands of the supply chain industry.


FAQs Section:

Query no. 1: How far is this notion true that carton boxes are 100 percent recyclable?

 Answer: Dear, Recyclability depends upon how one stores these carton boxes. Once contaminated with oil or liquid, they are turned into garbage.

 Query no. 2: How can I initiate this business?

 Answer: Carton box packaging is a low-investment business as compared to others. You need to install 4-5 machines for cutting and gluing stuff. Voila! Your small industry is established.

 Query no. 3: Where can I get an authentic and trustworthy carton box supplier?

Answer: Friend, you can go on Google to place your order on any purchasing site, but if you need ease, then I am placing a web address of such a reliable supplier.


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