15 Useful Ways To Recycle And Reuse Polypropylene Mesh Bag

Recycled bags have slowly become common in the fashion industry, with environmental sustainability one of the biggest trends for clothing designers. So, of course, you will not see Polypropylene mesh bags on your usual “recycled clothing products” lists, but they really should be.

The problem is that very few people actually know what this product is, and even fewer know how to recycle it properly, which leads back to the original question: What are polypropylene mesh bags?

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What Are Polypropylene Mesh Bags?

Polypropylene mesh bags are the kind of bag you will find in supermarkets, most often with rice inside them. Since their products are light, these bags are also made of lightweight materials. The mesh bags use a combination of polypropylene and mesh. The polypropylene material provides structure to the bag. On the other hand, the mesh gives it breathability, allowing air to circulate stored information.

Why Should I Reuse/Recycle These Bags?

Polypropylene mesh bags are the kind of bag you will find in supermarkets, most often with rice inside them. As the product they carry is lightweight, it makes sense for this kind of bag to be made out of lightweight material as well, hence the combination of polypropylene and mesh. The polypropylene material gives the bag its structure, while the mesh gives it that breathability, allowing air to circulate around whatever is being stored there.

Recycling vs. Reusing

While it’s obvious that recycling is a better alternative compared to throwing them away in the bin with your usual household waste, you might ask yourself if cutting out the middleman and reusing these bags instead of recycling them is a sustainable option as well. This is definitely up for debate, but I think that cutting out the middleman from the beginning is a better solution. You will reduce plastic waste generation from day one, plus you won’t have to pay for either of those options (recycling or reusing), which makes this a worthy investment.

The best thing is: Once you’ve familiarised yourself with these bags and know exactly how they work, it’s really easy! Just make sure to write down what kind of ingredients you have stored in them so that the supermarket staff knows what kind of product to put inside your bag. Then, when you get home, just remove the ingredient from your polypropylene mesh bag and reuse it for next time!

Heating Pad:

Polypropylene mesh bags make for a good heating pad as well. This is because it retains heat, and at the same time, your body does not get burned. Because these mesh bags are slightly thicker, they protect from excessive heat. Mesh bags also ensure that you do not feel discomfort rather than comfort due to their soft surface. This makes it easy for relief from pain and aches like headache, toothache, backache, etc.

Toy Basket:

You can use this polypropylene mesh bag as a toy basket in which you could easily pick up the toys so that your little one does not scatter his/her toys all around, which would otherwise take hours before finding each one of them.

Earbud Holder:

You can make an earbud holder out of these mesh bags, which are very innovative and unique. Simply stitch the handle to one part of it, and you are done; now you have a place where you could store your earbuds.

Organize Your Stuff:

You can use these mesh bags as organizers for stuff like Arts and crafts supplies like glitter glue, stickers, etc., or even as pencil boxes or cookie jars for storing different things from snacks to play dough from all those small tiny stuff which you find difficult to keep separately in your school bag. So the possibilities are endless with this polypropylene mesh bag whereby you can turn them into different useful items according to your desires and imagination.


You can make a gardening bag out of it in which you could keep your potted plants, seeds and other garden stuffs like pebbles in order to avoid messiness in the trunk of your car or even in your house if you want to carry them indoors. It is very easy to make this kind of innovative bag because all you need are regular stitching needles and polypropylene mesh bags available at any online store or even offline stores selling fabrics. Apart from that, some thread, scissors, etc., are also required for making these polypropylene bags. So get sewing now!

Garbage Bags:

Use it as a garbage bag instead of using regular plastic bags, which are harmful to the environment; this would be a great responsibility, especially if you want to lessen your carbon footprint. However, the possibilities are now very much in your hands regarding recycling and reusing polypropylene mesh bags.

Bottle Carrier:

Another brilliant idea is to make use of it as a bottle carrier in which you could easily carry your water bottles or milk bottles without spilling anything on the way to school or college etc., just let these bottles hang one at each end of the polypropylene mesh bag with handles stitched together. You have got yourself an ultra-cool bottle carrier for carrying enough water all day long, even when you are out for a picnic in the wild.

Swap It With Your Friends:

You can even make use of these mesh bags as a gift item or something to share with your friends and family members to minimize waste and recycle them instead of throwing them in the trash bin, which would otherwise create a mess on the streets if not properly managed. So, what are you waiting for? Grab some polypropylene mesh bags from a nearby store or just order them online from any reliable store and start recycling today itself!!!


Another interesting idea is to turn these polypropylene mesh bags into a mousepad. Then, when you place your mouse on top of it, you need not fear anything spilling all over the things beneath because this polypropylene mesh is a spill-proof material that could prevent liquids from spilling everywhere. This would be especially useful if you are working from home because there might be possibilities of small children playing with the things on the desk and spilling stuff all around.

File Folder:

You can turn these polypropylene mesh bags into file folders by stitching them together at places where handles are attached. This way, you could easily store your important documents in an organized manner without ruining papers due to spills or rips, etc.,


Another interesting use of these mesh bags is for crafting purposes. For example, you could make a pom-pom garland for decoration by attaching different colors and sizes of pom-poms to it. This would be a fun activity to do with your kids at home and could turn out to be a great time pass too!

Flower Pot:

Depending on the size of polypropylene mesh bags, you can even make flower pots for keeping small plants like herbs, etc., just attach some handles together by stitching them firmly so that they don’t snap apart when hanging, this is a useful method which you could use to recycle these mesh bags innovatively.

Organizer Pouch:

You can also tuck some pouches or organizers inside the polypropylene mesh onion bag. This way, you can store multiple items such as wallets, cell phones, keys, etc., all at once without much hassle. Because they will keep all these essentials in one place, but make sure mesh onion bag is not stuffed to the brim. Otherwise, you may overflow some essential items when carrying polypropylene mesh bags.

Plastic Bag Dispenser:

Recycle these mesh bags into a plastic bag dispenser by stitching handles of a few plastic bags together and then attaching them to a larger polypropylene mesh so that you would have easy access to plenty of plastic bags at one time without having to search for each individual bag from your home. This would be especially useful for people who do grocery shopping regularly. You can get all the shopping done in just one go, a brilliant idea which will help you avoid littering streets due to unreachable or forgotten plastic bags.

Pencil Case:

You can also turn these polypropylene mesh bags into pencil pouches by stitching handles together and then filling them up with your stationery items like pencils, pens, etc. This is a great way to reuse plastic bags without adding to the environmental pollution due to their non-biodegradable nature.


People are constantly looking for ways to recycle and reuse, so the following list is helpful. These polypropylene mesh bags can reuse in many different ways!  For business owners who need packaging material, these reusable plastic baggies are an excellent option. You could also use them as gift wrapping or storage compartments in your kitchen cupboards. There are many more ways to utilize polypropylene mesh bags, but I just put up the ones that I thought would be most useful and easy to do for everyone. I hope you enjoyed reading my post as much as I enjoyed writing this.

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