What is the Best Way to Store Potatoes

How to store potatoes We have this question when potatoes are harvested. Potatoes are root vegetables, so they have a long shelf life. We usually keep potatoes storage in a cool, dry place. This helps prevent them from turning green, becoming soft, or sprouting prematurely. And don’t put potatoes and onions together. This is because storing the two together produces ethylene, accelerating potato ripening.

The best way to store potatoes

While you shouldn’t keep potatoes storage in the refrigerator, they will still save for the longest time in a cool, dark place, especially where the temperature is about 50° F and the humidity is 90 to 95 percent.

1. Away from sunlight

Do not leave potatoes in the open on the counter. Please put them in a drawer, basket, potato storage bags, paper bag, etc. Any dark place. They should keep for one to two weeks. Clear mesh potato bags like the ones used to package potatoes are not suitable to store potatoes. After all, potatoes are plants. They will photosynthesize and turn green if exposed to sunlight, eventually wrinkling and decaying.

2. Ensure air circulation

Transferring potatoes to mesh potato bags or potato storage bags may be an excellent way to ensure air circulation inside the potatoes. Make sure the plastic bag is well perforated and not firmly shut at the top if you wish to store potatoes in it.

3. Avoid high temperature

Don’t store potatoes in a place where the room is hot. Avoid storing potatoes in the warmest area of the room, such as next to the oven, beneath the sink, or on top of the refrigerator, even if you have no other suitable storage space.
Potatoes will begin to sprout when the temperature exceeds their ideal potatoes storage temperature. But colder isn’t always better. Too hard an environment can cause some starches to break down into sugar. This implies that potatoes storage in the fridge will gradually taste sweeter. And they’re more likely to turn an unpleasant brown color when cooked.

Signs of spoiled potatoes

potato mesh bag

If you’re wondering, “Are my potatoes going bad?” We also must watch out for mold, black, and soft spots. And, of course, wrinkled, soft, or crumpled potatoes are not in the best condition for use. As for green potatoes, this is caused by exposure to sunlight during growth and is not recommended.

Health and nutritional benefits of potatoes

The store potato has many uses and it is a common root plant. We often see it in our daily meals. And he can also be made into snacks such as potato chips. Potatoes are inexpensive, easy to grow, and rich in many nutrients. Here are some of the health and nutritional benefits of potatoes.

Rich in nutrients

Potatoes contain many vitamins and minerals. They can supplement our body’s nutritional needs.

Contains antioxidants

Potatoes are rich in flavonoids, carotenoids, and other nutrients. They can neutralize the free radicals in the body to achieve antioxidant effects. Eating more potatoes can prevent diseases such as high blood pressure and heart disease.

Can improve blood sugar control

Resistant starch is a unique type of starch found in potatoes. The body completely absorbs this starch without being broken down. It enters the large intestine and can serve as a food source for beneficial intestinal flora.

Can improve digestion

When it enters the big intestine, resistant starch becomes food for healthy intestinal bacteria. It breaks down into short-chain fatty acids. This is the preferred food source for intestinal bacteria. According to studies, butyrate enhances the colon’s defenses and lowers inflammation there.

Naturally Gluten-Free

A gluten-free diet is a very popular way of eating. With the high content of potatoes, we can eat more store potatoes to get high nutrients.

Highly satiating

In addition to being nutritious, potatoes are incredibly satiating. That’s why store potatoes are a regular staple in our lives for weight loss.


In addition to being nutritious, store potatoes are both tasty and useful. There are many options for cooking potatoes. If you are trying to get fit and lose fat, then it is recommended that you cook with less oil. This way you will get a lot of nutrients and will consume fewer calories. Ost nutrients possible from your potatoes.

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