What Is the Best Bag to Store Onions

Onion is an essential vegetable that is used in everyday life. It gives flavor and depth to a variety of meals and has a really long shelf life. However, improper storage of onions can result in wastage and rotting. 

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  • The necessity of properly storing onions, 
  • Factors to look for in an onion storage bag, 
  • Types of onion storage bags, 
  • How to store onions appropriately, 
  • Methods for extending onion storage life.

Importance of Storing Onions in An Adequate Way

It is important to store onions correctly in order to keep their quality and freshness intact. You can keep onions for up to eight months if stored properly. However, improper or careless storage can lead to faster onion decay.

Moreover, inadequate onion storage can result in mold development, softening, and sprouting, making them unappealing and inedible. Furthermore, when you store onions improperly, they may create a strong and pungent odor affecting other nearly placed foods too. 

Qualities – An Onion Storage Bag Must Have

Choosing the correct onion storage bag is important to preserve the freshness and flavor of your onions for as long as possible. 

Here are some factors to consider about while choosing an onion storage bag:



1. Material and Durability

The material used to manufacture the onion storage bag should be strong and robust enough to withstand tears, punctures, and other damage that might lead to spoilage. Mesh bags for onion, cotton onion bags, and paper onion bags are common types of onion storage bags.

2. Breathability and Ventilation

Onions require ventilation to prevent moisture buildup. Moisture leads to spoiled or rotten onions. A good onion storage bag should be breathable which allows air to circulate freely within the bag. 

3. Light-Blocking Properties

If onions are exposed to light for a longer period of time, they can become overripe and sprout. To avoid this, a good onion storage bag should be opaque and filter out light.

Types of Onion Storage Bags

There are multiple types of onion storage bags according to their sizes and styles. We have mentioned below some of the most commonly used storage bags.

1. Mesh Bags for Storing Onions

Mesh onion storage bags are composed of a permeable material that lets air easily flow, making them a perfect choice for onion storage. They come in a variety of sizes and can accommodate a variety of onion amounts, such as:

  • 10 lb mesh onion bags
  • 50 lb mesh onion bags 

2. Paper Bags

Paper bags are also commonly used storage bags for onions. Because they are breathable and lightweight, they are ideal for storing in your pantry or refrigerator. They are, however, not as long-lasting as mesh or cotton bags.

3. Cotton Onion Bags

Another alternative for onion storage is cotton bags. They are permeable and you can clean and reuse them numerous times, which makes them a more environmentally friendly alternative. They are, however, not as widely available as mesh or paper bags.

How to Store Onions Correctly?

mesh bag wholesale

Now that you have the proper onion storage bag, let’s talk about how to store onions properly.

1. Preparation for Storage

First of all, clean the onions. The onions must be completely dry and free from dirt and debris. You may use a dry towel to clean them down or a soft-bristled brush to remove any dirt.

2. Choosing the Ideal Environment to Keep Onions 

Store onions in a cold, dark, and dry area. Ensure the onions are not exposed to direct sunlight. Also, ensure the area is dry and free from humidity and dampness. You can keep them in a:

  • Pantry
  • Root cellar
  • Dark closet

3. Storing Onions at the Correct Temperature and Humidity 

Onions should be stored at temperatures ranging from 32°F to 40°F, with a humidity level of roughly 65%-70%. To avoid mold and spoiling, maintain regular temperature and humidity levels.

4. Using Onion Storage Bags

Onion mesh bags, paper, or cotton onion storage bags can assist maintain optimal ventilation and humidity levels. Mesh bags for onion storage are a good choice since they are breathable, long-lasting, and light-blocking.

Tips for Prolonging Onion Storage Life

onion mesh bag

Following are the tips you can adopt to prolong the life of onions.

  1. Inspection: Onions should be inspected on a frequent basis to ensure that they are still fresh and not spoilt. Examine for symptoms of mold, softening, or sprouting. Remove any onions that show indications of rotting as soon as possible to avoid contaminating the rest of the batch.
  2. Rotting Onions: If you come to find any rotting onions during your examination, it’s critical that you dispose of them properly. Composting is an environmentally beneficial approach to get rid of rotten onions. You may also wrap them in newspaper and throw them away.
  3. Using Onions Before They Get Rotten: If onions are stored for too long, they might get overripe. Overripe onions are not poisonous, but they lose flavor and become soft and mushy. You should use onions within six to eight months of being stored.
  4. Keep Onions Away from Other Products: Onions emit ethylene gas. The food stored near onions can ripen quickly due to this gas. Also, the food can rot or spoil quickly. So, keep opinions separate from other vegetables and fruits to avoid premature spoilage.


It is essential to store onions adequately so that they can stay fresh and tasty for an extended time period. For this, choosing the best onion storage bag is an important step in preserving onion quality. 

Onion mesh bags are a good alternative for onion storage since they are breathable, long-lasting, and light-blocking. Onions should also be stored in a cool, dark, and dry environment with a temperature range of 32°F to 40°F and a humidity level of approximately 65%.

By following these storage instructions, you may extend the life of your onions and avoid food waste. Remember to examine your onions on a regular basis and destroy any rotten ones to ensure the quality of the rest of the batch. 

You may enjoy fresh and delicious onions six to eight months long if you use the correct preservation practices.

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